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Growlers Gully Winery is located in Merton; approximately 2 hours north-east of Melbourne in the Upper Goulburn/Mansfield wine region.

Map Ref RACV Country Directory Page 47, C9




Establishment of the perth property valuers first half of the vineyard was in the spring of 1997, the balance in the following spring.

The name Growlers Gully derives from a road in Merton

There are two schools of thought as to the origin of the road name either; the growls of the koala’s that inhabited the tree-lined road or other’s believe the name to have evolved from the route disgruntled miners took making their way back from poor mining claims in the Puzzle Ranges; the latter is the one that is documented.

Our use of the colours of orange and blue typify the brilliant blue clear sky, dry earth of an Australian summer; a theme we have carried through in the cellar door.