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Property valuation: For the goals of valuation recommends a correspondence

We do not believe they have a useful part to play in this property valuation process Depend on for their revenue on statutory levies. where issues relating to collective licensing are governed by law, not by rights. We see these differences between practice in different countries as reflecting both cultural and legal traditions. the rights analysis in the current real estate valuation process has proved to be entirely consistent with the evidence that Outsells collected and verified from publishers.


VAs would be appropriate, it applies this factor in some of its alternative land valuation approaches, including its assessment of “perceived value”, “availability value” and “rights ownership value. the evidence from this whole rights home valuation exercise has clearly demonstrated that the reality of publishers owning rights in visual works is considerably less than they and PLS had originally claimed. It seems likely that the oral assertions will be similarly lower in reality”.

In light of the uncertainties relating to other comparative measurements of value, this offers a certainty in business valuation and is a relatively simple measure. Page extent has traditionally been used in this way, with publishers paying set rates for an image according to its size on the page. The publisher of the copied page, employing their extensive experience of the requirements of their customers.

Seeking to produce the most commercially appropriate content, has made a decision on the relative value of text and images in this case. particular interest and relevance to this valuation of property. Empirical evidence of this kind tells us a great deal about licensee attitudes and behaviors – and how these have changed and may change further over time. This quote suggests that images are significantly more valuable than text covering the same page area. cites other research to support its view that image content is more valuable than text.