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To introduce statutory minimum dispute management resolution included in the Employment Act which received Royal Assent on 8 July 2002. introduced the principle of home state regulation for online service provision across borders. Other provisions include harmonised rules on the information that online service providers must supply and measures to limit the liability of Internet Service Providers. Broadcasters, telecoms companies and the public. Creation of the single regulator will streamline the regulatory structure in this vital sector. Some existing statutory functions will be carried out on a co-regulatory or self-regulatory basis, and it will replace the requirement for telecommunications license with a general authorisation, accompanied by rules. There will be significant cost savings for businesses. visit website to learn more : H Jangenarm real estate conveyancer Sydney


All relevant duty holders in businesses, small businesses, charities, voluntary sector and public sector, including local authorities. User-friendly way for business to meet its legal obligations to report specified workplace incidents. No form filling and no need to identify appropriate enforcing authority. Amateur modellers. 50,000 potentially affected amateur modellers will be exempted from EC regulations which require professional manufacturers to undergo conformity assessment on their products. which must be CE marked. For manufacturers of boilers, this will usually involve third party inspectors and associated costs.

Companies including small businesses and employees. Companies and those with grievances will save through using cheaper alternatives to employment tribunals. Suppliers and customers of e-commerce services. certainty about the national law that applies to online transactions, the information that must be provided in support of online services, and ISPs’ liability for material they carry. Incident Contact Centre operational from 1 April 2001, accepting reports made by telephone, e-mail, internet, fax and post. Copy of reports sent to duty holders for internet and telephone reports; provides a record and reduces paperwork.

Powers to introduce statutory minimum dispute management resolution is included in the Employment Act. Export Licensing via the Internet (ELVIS) system will give firms an additional option for dealings with the export licensing authorities. Simplifying and making more coherent the legal framework of security for nuclear installations. Regulations will be more effective and comprehensible, especially in their enforcement, where DoH have provided a scheme that is effective, proportionate and fair. Businesses and the public sector will benefit from a more streamlined and improved regulation of medical devices.