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need to keep spending and why they can only live in one mention for two years until they get tired over Roget the next one psychiatrist carry soc its Council CEO’s Sydney Property Valuation wall Streisand entrepreneurs on corporate strategy in negotiation but inevitably their conversations turn to the personal issue of conspicuous consumption there are people who choose to live extraordinarily conspicuous lives in some.

ways with many many homes with the plane but although quote from %ah so to speak that comes with great wealth what differentiates them in terms of the way they choose to use their money the ones who come from deprived backgrounds the ones who have deep in securities emotionally for whatever reason it’s as though they need to prove something with this wealth and so it’s not just enough Mohave it and to have a more than comfortable life and to give money to charity they have to go beyond that and show.

everybody that they were really really made it I think spending money on these conspicuous items is also a form competition that’s one of the ways they can flex their muscles is and who has the bigger house earlier the better place do you think the wealthy among us believe that they are worth just as little as everybody else on a human level the ones that I liked the the ones who you know drolly wanna have dinner with feel that way the ones who don’t you have this error superiority and you really believe that somehow their better human beings because they have bigger bank accounts those are narcissistic they’re not that fun to be with.

but they bill an hour’s you know I’ve got plenty work to keep me busy abut your the well nobody update I don’t know what gonna keep working I don’t know if I can afford to have hugely different lifestyle to be on even with ten million dollars yeah its absolutely shocking might think how steerage -year-old Silicon Valley entrepreneur worth a few million dollars could finally take some time to relax but terrorist eternally on the run get back to you be wicked is the vice president of marketing a software.